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  • Dear Customers,

    Welcome to the website of Länggass-Tee!

    During our holidays this year, the shop will be open during the following times: The Tearoom, chashitsu and shop for rare teas will be closed from Friday evening, 20th of September to Saturday 5th of October (included). The shop will remain closed from Saturday evening, 21st of September to Saturday 5th of October (included). During that time the office will be operating and will gladly receive your orders and requests.

    It was on October 25 in 1983 that Katrin and Gerhard Lange opened the Länggass-Tee tea shop. Since then it has become well renowned even far beyond the borders of the city of Berne, and developed into a centre of excellence for tea.
    Besides selling teas of good quality for your favourite every day cup to a favourable price, we offer highest to top quality classical rarities from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, as well as tea services and other fine equipment and accessories for your greatest pleasure and enjoyment of your own way of drinking tea. We also offer courses and seminars open to anybody interested in tea, as well as special courses for gastronomy employees.
    In our tearoom we invite you to enjoy all of our teas, as well as a range of little home-made delights for your palate. In their own specially designed rooms you dive into the worlds of the Japanese or Chinese tea ceremony respectively. In the rarities shop, which is designed like a traditional Chinese tea shop, you can taste and buy outstanding Chinese / Taiwanese / Korean teas, as well as try and buy the necessary accessories for the Chinese tea ceremony.
    In our online shop you find information on and images of every article we sell in order to help you select from our finest offers and discover new treasures.

    With warm regards from Berne,

    The Lange family & team

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